Monday, September 10, 2012

Smart Chicks Kick It Tour, Take Three (Pre-Post)

I love the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour.

When I first heard about it, I believe there was some screaming. A book signing, with tons of amazing authors, with stops in CANADA?! My mind was boggled. I'd only ever been to one signing before, and never one this big. Although Brampton, Ontario (where the first signing was) was about a five hours drive from me I found out about the signing over a year and a half before it was happening, and made arrangements early. I was also lucky enough to attend the Teen Read Awards that day, win a Kobo, meet tons of amazing authors (including Richelle Mead *fan girls*), and have one of the best weekends ever.

The second Smart Chicks signing was fantastic as well, this one being in my hometown of Ottawa! I got there three hours early (they hadn't even set up for the signing yet!) and convinced some friends to come and get books signed for me. I got some cool swag, lots of signed books (got cut in line, but that was another story), and had a great time.

The crowd at the Ottawa signing (I'm behind Charles de Lint!)

My Smart Chicks shirt and shorts!

This year is the third and final year for the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour, and I'm so lucky to be going again. This time, it's outside Montreal which is about a two hour drive. I'm so excited to meet some of my favorite bloggers including Lucy from Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf (whom I've been talking books with for years)! I also get to meet a ton of authors, including Rachel Caine, whose books I absolutely adore! The signing limit might stop me from getting them all signed, but I'm hoping to pawn some of the books off on some bloggers to get signed for me! I have a total of...thirty-seven books to be signed (twenty-three of which are Rachel Caine books) this Saturday...which is crazy! I'll be sporting my well worn Smart Chicks shirt and carrying my signing bag. I couldn't be more excited.

My signing stack (and messy room) *missing three books

All Post-It noted up

Haven't heard of the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour? Well, it's an author-run tour with some kick-ass female authors (and one smart dude), including organizers Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr. Lots of authors participate, with a different line-up at each signing. This years stops are in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Edmonton, Montreal, Dartmouth, and Philadelphia. If you want to check out the schedule, just click here. If you are attending a signing, be sure to call your store and ask about the signing policy. It should be the usual three books per author per turn in the line, but I believe one of the signings has a different policy. And if you're going to the Montreal event, let me know! I'd love to say hi!

Smart Chicks really do kick it!

- Ciara (Lost at Midnight)


  1. Ciara I am so excited to meet you when you come to my neck of the woods. This signing is going to be awesome. Hey I am there if you need books signed :)


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