Review Policy

Welcome to my Review Policy page!

General Policy: I created this blog because of my pure love of books, not for monetary compensation. So, I will say up front: I will not/do not receive any sort of money for my reviews. These reviews will reflect my honest opinion of the novel I've read, and will not be influenced by any outside sources. The books I review are ones I have purchased myself, borrowed from my local library, or received from publishers or authors or through my employment in exchange for a FREE and truthful review. I am affiliated with Indigo Books, and Music Inc. through my employment although I am not paid for my reviews nor are they sponsored by Indigo. My views expressed here are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the company. Any ARCs I receive through Indigo will be clearly stated in the review. I have and always will run this blog for myself, and my employment does not change that.

Giveaway Policy: All giveaway guidelines and policy will be stated in the giveaway itself. I do not generally host giveaways.

Books for Review: I am accepting requests for reviews. I do have a few stipulations though, including:
  • At the moment, I'm not accepting eBooks. I do own an eReader, but I rarely use it and much prefer bound books.
  • I'm not currently accepting review requests from self-published authors. I'm sorry! My To-Read pile is pretty big at the moment, and I do not want to feel overwhelmed.
  • I'm also only accepting review requests for YA books. This blog is for YA books, and although I read adult books, I am not planning on reviewing them here.
  • I will accept ARCs and will try my best to review the novel in a timely manner. Sometimes, with school and work and life, I won't have enough time to read and review a book before its release date, but I will do my best! I will not, under any circumstances, sell an ARC. 
  • This blog is to give my honest opinion about a book. There is something good about every book, but that does not mean I'll love them all! My opinion is my own, and I love to look at the good and bad in everything, including books.
  • For publishers, or authors: I'm completely willing to participate in blog tours, guest posts, or do interviews. Anyone can contact me at my email address (Note: with my busy schedule I've been a bit behind on emails. If you don't get a response in two weeks, I'm probably not interested)
  • I will always give credit where credit is due! That includes where I get my summaries, my book copies, and memes.
    Thanks for taking interest! If more information is needed, please feel free to contact me at any time by email.