Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Women of the Otherworld Mini-Challenge #1

Hello, book-a-lovin' peeps!

Today, I'm going to be participating in the first "Mini-Challenge" for The Women of the Otherworld Reading Challenge hosted by the lovely Lucy over at Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf! I posted about the challenge earlier, but I haven't had time to participate yet, due to this lovely thing called school. Now that I'm on summer vacation *cue cheering* I'm going to try and catch up.

For this first "Mini-Challenge", Lucy has asked participants to take a picture of all the books they own written by Kelley Armstrong, be it her novels, short stories, or anthologies. 

So, let me say this up front: I'm a bit of a Kelley Armstrong fanatic. Although I don't own everything she's ever published, I've read the vast majority (yay, library!) and own a significant amount. Without further ado, here is the collection:

My Darkest Powers/Darkest Rising collection. I haven't bought The Calling yet!

My entire WOTOW collection (include anthologies and Sub. Press novellas)

Nadia Stafford series

Kelley Armstrong anthologies

Kelley Armstrong swag AND WOTOW Primer!

Inside the Primer, note the signature!

My entire Kelley Armstrong collection

There you have it! My entire collection. I own almost all her published novels (except for The Calling), although in lots of different formats. I started buying The Women of the Otherworld series before they were re-released in Canada, so I have a mix of new and old covers. I actually got both of my Nadia Stafford books at the thrift store, which was just fantastic. I also bought all three of her Subterranean Press novellas, which I am ridiculously happy about (two days after I ordered Angelic, it was sold out). The Otherworld Primer is something I feel very lucky to have. Many people don't know about it, since the series isn't being made into a comic anymore. I ordered the primer the day I found out about it, and although the comic was cancelled (as far as I know) they did print and send out the primer (which I love!) I have also been lucky enough to attend two Kelley Armstrong signings, so all except for one of my books is signed. AND I'm going to a third signing in September, so my entire collection will soon be complete!

Thinking about reading The Women of the Otherworld series? Why not join the challenge! It's a fun, laid-back reading challenge to get people into the series! All the details are here.

That's all for now! How's your Kelley Armstrong collection?

- Ciara who is lost at midnight


  1. AHHH! how did you get Counterfeit Magic and Angelic!?!?! They aren't available ANYWHERE! I'm so jealous!!! Loooooove your collection! thank you for participating in the challenge <3

    1. :D I ordered them pretty much right when the link went up! You can order them as e-books now! Thanks!!

  2. Love your collection! I want the bookmarks! Sad I know but I collect them and would love the Kelley Armstrong ones! I was actually glad when Kelley announced she wasn't doing Forbidden as a graphic novel anymore, at least not with dabel, I am however excited for it's release as a novella instead with SubPress, espeacially with Xaviere doing the illustrations for it! She did the illustrations in Forbidden and for Becoming!

    1. I love bookmarks :D I always grab as many as I can! Yeah, I'm interested to see how it all works out. Although, those Sub books are very expensive lol

  3. I bet it bothers you that your books don't all match :)


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