Thursday, October 17, 2013

Author Interview: Robyn Schneider!

Hi, everyone!

I am ridiculously excited to have one of my new favourite authors, Robyn Schneider, here on the blog today! Her novel The Beginning of Everything has sky-rocketed onto my all-time favourites list. It is an absolutely stunning and beautiful debut, and a book I highly recommend. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to ask Robyn a few questions!

Ciara: I was really impacted by this story, emotionally and personally. I’m still reeling from it! What do you hope readers come away with after reading The Beginning of Everything?

Robyn: Thank you. I suppose I hope my readers take away from this book exactly what they need but never knew they were looking for.

C: Ezra really grows and changes throughout the novel. What do you think is so appealing about a coming-of-age story?
R: There’s a type of magic specific to stories about growing up. I suppose it’s easier to believe, when reading a coming of age story, that when the main character walks away from the book irreparably changed, I might come away a little bit different as well.

C: There were a lot of unique and lovable characters in The Beginning of Everything. Which one do you think you relate to the most?
R: Ezra’s inner monologue is very much my own. I like to joke that we have the same soul but different stories. I was never a star athlete, but I know what it’s like to question the ideas everyone else seems to have about your future. I was never the victim of a hit and run accident, but I know what it’s like when your friends disappoint you.

C: Since there were a bunch of Doctor Who references, and I happen to be a Whovian... who’s your favorite Doctor?

R: David Tennant, without question.

Thank you SO MUCH for being on the blog, Robyn (Ten is my favourite Doctor too)! And extra awesome thanks to Suman from HCC Frenzy for arraigning the interview!

Readers, check out this book. I'll have my review up hopefully next month (after I re-read it for book club!) but honestly, it is one of the best books I've ever read. You will love it.

- Ciara (Lost at Midnight) 

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  1. David Tennant all the way! I really need to read this book - I've been hearing nothing but fabulous things


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