Thursday, October 31, 2013

Have A Question? Maybe Get An Answer!

Why hello, lovely Read-Alongers!

So, I have something really cool to announce. Courtney Summers has agreed to do a Q&A for the Read-Along! *CUE THE FANGIRLING* I'm really excited (and, let's be honest, totally nervous) to have this opportunity. I seriously freak-out about these kind of things (and spend hours typing and editing and changing the phrasing of questions to make them *just right*) but, at the same time, I feel so grateful for this chance!

But hey, this Read-Along isn't just about me! It's about you guys! So, I'm offering an open door. What questions do YOU guys want to have answered? I can't promise I'll include them (I don't want to overwhelm her!) but I'll pick a few to ask and maybe combine some if they're similar. Also, if you have specific question about one of the books we've already read, be sure to ask it (though, tag it if it's a spoiler!) If you don't have a specific question, maybe tell me what kind of topics/themes you like to hear authors talk about! Leave your questions in the comments below!

I'll be sending in the questions in the next week or so, so get your questions in quick! Be sure to stay tuned into the blog for the Q&A in the coming weeks!


- Ciara (Lost at Midnight)

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