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Best of 2012 (4): Covers

It's day four (well, post four) in my Best of 2012 series today! I'm talking about all the cover love I have! This list is solely for books released in 2012, not covers released in 2012. I actually admit that I probably missed some covers because there was no way to keep track of them! So, there they are!

10. Hemlock
Author: Kathleen Peacock

Although I haven't read Hemlock yet, I've been captivated by it's cover since I first saw it. The colouring is gorgeous, and I love the hemlock vines wrapping around the book. I also like that the girl is sitting there in sadness instead of the classic warrior/confident pose on most covers. I really need to read this book because the story sounds as fantastic as the cover looks!
9. Burn for Burn 
Author(s): Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian (Read in 2012)

I'm normally not a fan of full faces on covers because they sometimes influence how I picture the characters, but Burn for Burn is an exception. The pale colours in the cover as well as the looks of the girls fit really well with the story. This cover has purpose and isn't just a bunch of random girls on the cover. They represent the characters and I think they did it well. I also love that the title is transparent and layered over the picture. You don't see that very often and I like that you notice the seemingly 'innocent' girls first then the harsh title after. 
8. Fever
Author: Lauren DeStefano (Read in 2012)

Although I think I like Wither's cover more, Fever's cover is extremely pretty in it's own right. Rhine looks completely worn out and broken which she really is in the novel. I also really like that everything on this cover relates to the story. The cards, the horse, the dress and the lack of a wedding ring are all featured and integral parts of the story. It's well thought out, beautifully photographed and symbolic. And it matches the first book!

7. Unspoken
Author: Sarah Rees Brennan

This cover is really different from a lot of other YA covers and I adore it. I love the cut-out look of it and the shiny golden leaves falling. The gate is so intricate and detailed as is the vines along the edges. There's kind of the curious edge to it, especially the way the girl is entering the gate, like she's shocked by the mystery but ready to dive right in an solve it. I also kind of like the pink (although I'm not a fan of the colour in general) because it's such a pretty innocent color and the gate is a bit dark and foreboding. Whoever designed this I give you a stand ovation!
6. Incarnate
Author: Jodi Meadows (Read in 2012)

Yay for more symbolic covers! Isn't this cover just stunning?! All the blues and reds and purples are so vibrant and the details on the butterfly are beautiful! The girl herself looks confident yet nervous like she's ready to learn but scared of what she'll find. It's the perfect cover for Incarnate and I love it dearly. It's atmospheric, gorgeous, and symbolic. Basically everything I love in a cover!

5. Girl of Nightmares
Author: Kendare Blake (Read in 2012)

Anna Korlov is literally beckoning you to read this book and my gosh it is so perfect. I love the other tortured ghosts reaching to drag her down into Hell and yet Anna is ignoring them all asking you if you are brave enough to join her. The girl, the dress, the violent red of Hell and the craggy landscape in the background just work so well together. It makes so well with Anna Dressed in Blood! The cover is intimating, gorgeous, and dangerous, just like Anna herself.
4. Days of Blood and Starlight
Author: Laini Taylor

Not only do I love the title but the cover of Day of Blood and Starlight is as equally striking. The bold, commanding lettering, the strong grey eyes and the punch of red paint create a tantalizing atmosphere. I love that it's done in greyscale and that the face is partly obscured giving it a sense of mystery. The eye make-up mask is beautiful and so well done. It's just a dang gorgeous cover.

3. The Raven Boys
Author: Maggie Stiefvater (Read in 2012)

I have one word for this cover: brushstrokes. It's harder to tell from just a picture but the raven is painted and you can see the brushstrokes in its body made to look like feathers. I love the warm heart in the center that looks almost like it's on fire. I love that they incorporated the symbol behind the title since it's such a big part of the story. The cover is gorgeous, symbolic, simple yet perfect. 

2. The Evolution of Mara Dyer 
Author: Michelle Hodkin (Read in 2012)

And the big guns are coming out! I mean seriously, WOW. This is eye-catching to say the least! The title font is simple but works with the story. The cover image itself tells a story and makes you want to stare at it until it moves to find out what will happen next. The colouring is dark, the guys looks like he's drowning, the girl looks like she's desperately trying to save him and it's all just so Mara Dyer. I want to hug this cover I love it so much.

1. This Is Not a Test
Author: Courtney Summers (Read in 2012) 

And, here we have number one! This cover is just so gosh dang perfect for this story. I mean seriously, it's perfect. The flat blue background reminds me of an early morning sunrise, but with a cold edge to it. The girl, her face obscured in an almost scary way, and the pallor of her skin make me wonder if she's really a zombie or just someone alive but barely hanging on. The blood spatter in the corner is just so awesome. Not over powering, not blatant, but enough to shock you. Seriously, perfect cover for this book.
So, what do you guys think? Have any cover love to share? What's your favorite cover this year?

- Ciara (Lost at Midnight)  


  1. Have to agree with you about _This Is Not a Test_!

  2. Good list. I LOVE TINAT's cover. I agree with you about Burn for Burn too. I really like that cover, even though I don't like people on covers. Also, I find it funny that you say you don't like full faces on covers, but almost every cover on this list as a face. Ha.

  3. These are all great covers, but I especially love Unspoken's. It's just so different than most YA covers, that it really pops out at you.


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