Saturday, November 10, 2012

Re-Cap: The Apocalypse Tour in Belleville!

Hello, all!

You may have seen my crazy Twitter posts about how I NEEDED to go to Belleville this Saturday, because one of my all-time favorite authors (Courtney Summers) was going to be there. Well, after much cajoling and convincing (and a little dash of begging and pleading) my dad agreed to drive myself and Emilie from Emilie's Book World to the event!

I made Emilie get to my house really early because I wanted to make sure we had a good spot (I learned my lesson after Montreal). We ended up arriving at 11:30, two and a half hours early for the event. Being there early, we stopped and picked up some food then headed to the Chapters. When we got there, we saw the table set up but there was no seating area for attendees. Turns out, it wasn't necessary! Emilie and I decided to sit at the neighboring Starbucks and chat until about one when we were supposed to meet up with fellow bloggers Chrystal from Snowdrop Dreams of Books and Kat! We all chatted and hung around the table waiting for the event to start!

Just before one, we spotted Courtney Summers and I attempted not to fan-girl. I ended up blathering on to Chrystal in basically gibberish and tried to avoid eye contact with Courtney (I needed time to gather my wits about me!) We then spotted the rest of the authors on the tour and got an awesome hug from the amazing Lesley Livingston (who Emilie and I have seen three times in the last three weeks)! We surprised Lesley with a little present, thinking she might need an extra pack of pens (after a bunch of hers exploded). 

It ended up just being the four of us at the event, although lots of grandmothers came by the table and picked up books for their grand-kids! It was a very different experience to have just us and the authors, but it was tons of fun! We got lots of time to chat with all the authors and get our books signed. Lesley was her hilarious self constantly making everyone laugh. Megan Crewe was really sweet as were Maureen McGowan and Cheryl Rainfield. And then I went to chat with Courtney Summers.

I waited to get my books signed by her because I honestly didn't know what to say! I was worried I would go completely fan-girl and just start rambling and turning red. I really didn't need to worry because as soon as I went up to her she recognized me from our tweets and put me at ease (well, for the most part! I'm not calm in these situations). She talked about the bet she had with her sister about how to pronounce my name (it's KEER-ah, for anyone wondering) and said she was really excited to meet me! I was mentally freaking out, and so so happy that she said that! We chatted for a bit, and she wrote some really sweet notes in my books. As I said earlier, she's one of my all-time favorite authors, and her books have had a stunning and lasting impact on me. I wish I could have expressed that better, but I was honestly just so excited! I really hope to meet her again one day! And hopefully tell her how much her books mean to me. I also am planning on doing something for her 2013 release All The Rage so be sure to look out for that! (And if you want to see me better express my Courtney Summers book love, check out my review of my favorite book (yes, FAVORITE book ever), This Is Not a Test)

L-R: Lesley Livingston, Megan Crewe, Maureen McGowan, Me!, Courtney Summers, Cheryl Rainfield

Also, be sure to check back as I link up to a special post Kat did with the authors! It looks like it's going to turn out really well!

After a couple hours, and a few trips in and out from my dad, we all headed home. Emilie and I pretty much passed out in the car from exhaustion, but not before getting subs from Subway (which I had been craving allllll day).

Overall, I had a beyond fantastic time at the event! Got to meet amazing authors, hang with fantabulous bloggers and have yet another awesome book day!

I may have freaked out a bit when I read this :P
(And in case you want to know what books each of the author was featured for, here's a list!)

Lesley Livingston: Starling (Starling #1)
Maureen McGowan: Deviants (Dust Chronicles #1) 
Courtney Summers: This Is Not a Test
Cheryl Rainfield: Hunted

- Ciara (Lost at Midnight)    


  1. What a lovely intimate event! :) Would have loved to see Courtney Summers but she didn't come to the Toronto stop.. :(

    Great recap!

  2. Ahh looked like a lot of fun! Too bad Courtney didn't come to any of the other stops :( I would have lived to meet her too. I'm definitely going to remember how to pronounce your name now :P

  3. Hope they'd sign her in the Philippines too! Looks like you had so much fun! Thanks for sharing this! Am super jealous! <3

  4. It was great meeting you at the Apocalypse Tour. :) I'm just putting the finishing touches on my own recap, and then I'll drop by and leave you the link. Thanks for help with the questions--you know what I'm talking about. ;) Have a great day!

  5. It was great seeing you again on the weekend. And it is completely normal to fan girl a little over someone you adore like Courtney Summers. She was wonderful wasn't she? :)


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