Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Author Love, Zachary Moore, And Team Kilt

Hi everyone!

Today I have a very special blog topic to post about. I'm sure you've all heard about the YA Crush Tourney happening over at the YA Sisterhood Blog (if you haven't go click the link and check it out! It's awesome). One of tomorrow's matches is between Will Herondale, the top seed of the entire tournament, and Zachary Moore, the sexy Scottish lad from the Shade series. Will, and all other Cassandra Clare characters, have been sweeping these tournaments, beating their opponents by thousands of votes. Yeah, THOUSANDS. Now, I can understand why. The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices series are great and very popular. I've loved TMI since I was fourteen and consider Jace, last years' Crush Tourney winner, to be extremely swoon-worthy. But, isn't it time to give the underdog a chance? Isn't it time we end the total wipe-out of the other, lesser known crushes? Well, I think so. But I also think that Zachary Moore deserves your vote, regardless of who he's up against.  He's everything and more you could want in a crush. He's melted my heart, made me laugh, smile, tear up, and been a part of a story I love so dearly. 

Now, I have yet to read Shine. Yeah, it's a bit mind-boggling but I have my reasons. One of them being I simply don't want this series to end. I love it too much! I remember picking it up, two years ago right before the Smart Chicks Signing in Brampton. I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I got was an amazing story, one cheer-worthy protagonist, one ghostly rocker, and one smile inducing Scottish boy. 

Haven't heard of Team Kilt? Well, we #TeamKilt members just so happen to be huge fans of the Shade series. We love everything about it, we love talking about it, we love having #TeamKilt chats, and we love men in kilts. I mean, who doesn't? Team Kilt is just such a fun, supportive group to be a part of, and I've loved every mad lib, #SHADEboys chats, blog post, and Nessie in lingerie that's happened.

Another reason to vote for Zach? Well cause of his creator, Jeri Smith-Ready. I don't think you understand how awesome she is (well, you might, but I'm going to tell you why anyways). I actually had the pleasure of meeting her two years ago. I happened to fan-girl and mumble and mentioned her other adult series, in which I share the same name as the protagonist (first time that's every happened), and probably embarrass myself. But she was super welcoming and friendly, with this big smile on her face, which helped (some what) to ease my fan-girl jitters. My friends and I were trying to get our tank-tops signed and we spotted Jeri outside the book store (she'd left the panel early). We went up to her and asked to have her shirt signed and even though she was in a huge hurry (on her way to catch a flight) she still took the time to sign them and thank us for coming. Then there's the online presence she has. Always keeping her fans updated, responding to tweets we send her, participating in online chats, hosting giveaways, sending bookplates, and always being her awesome and fun self. She may say that her fans are amazing but really, she's just an amazing person.

So, now that I've given my reasons for voting Zach...what do you think? Wanna vote? (I'll love you forever) 

How YOU can support Zachary Moore and Team Kilt!

1. VOTE. Vote an every browser, mobile device, and computer you have for Zach. Or, just vote once. Either way, you're awesome! All it takes is three clicks: one on the link, and one on the "Zachary" button" and one on the "Vote" button.

2. Spread the word! Even if you tell just one person, that's another vote that Zach could have. And we need every single one we can get! Tell a friend, or neighbor, or sales clerk, or sports coach, or the person standing next to you in line! We need thousands of votes to win this round. It's all up to us!

3. Spread the word in different ways! You can also post about it on your blog (and you could win prizes!) change your display picture, pin it on Pinterest, retweet the links, anything! Just get the word out that Zachary needs our help!

Links, Links, Links Galore! (To be updated when more links appear!)

Still not convinced to Vote Zach? Or, wanna find out more about him and Team Kilt? Well, here's a list of links that will answer all of your burning questions and curiosities!

Shade (find out more about the book!)
- Goodreads
- Amazon
- Jeri Smith-Ready's Website

Jeri Smith-Ready's Website

Team Kilt (and some giveaways!)
- Shade Boys Tumblr

- Jeri Smith-Ready (the woman who started it all!)
- Zachary Moore (yeah, he has a legit Twitter account)
- Logan Keeley (the other awesome swoon-worthy guy from the Shade series)
- Aura Salvatore (the crazy awesome protagonist)
- Kilt and Keeley (Shade Fansite)
- Fictitious Delicious (Zachary's advocates)

So, at midnight tonight VOTE ZACH! And leave a comment here if you do! I'll give you a big virtual hug!

- Ciara who is lost at midnight  


  1. YAY! Love this post. I will definitely be voting #TeamKilt and encouraging everyone else to.

  2. Thank you so much for your support, Ciara! <3

    1. Awww! Of course :D It's really great to have authors like you that not only write amazing books but are so great to your readers!! #TeamKiltforLife


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