Monday, December 15, 2014

Where Have I Been?

I found this on Facebook and take no credit for it :)


So, you may have noticed I haven't posted in almost two months. Which is slightly horrifying to think about. 'Where have I been?' you might be asking. (Or you might be like, Ciara, I know where you've been. Your twitter feed is allllll stress alllll the time).

Anyways, school.

School is where I've been.

(Also work. But mostly school.)

This semester took me down a notch. It wasn't that I had a lot more work than normal, or that I had extra classes. It just hit me hard. I struggled in my classes, I struggled with essays, I just, generally, struggled. I didn't read very much (except school books), I barely saw my friends and I had no time whatsoever for blogging. Which sucked. Because I love blogging. And I love books. And I love love love my friends. So. It's been rough.

Good news is? I'm done! I finished my final exam on Friday and after some much needed friend hang outs (and bonding with mah gurl Katniss Everdeen) I've finally gotten back into read and blogging! HURRAH. I'm hoping to end out the year with lots of posts and even more books read. And, keeping up with it during my next semester.

Anyways, HI GUYS. It's good to see your virtual faces. *OPENS ARMS WIDE FOR GROUP HUG* *CLINGS*

- Ciara (Lost at Midnight) 

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