Sunday, June 30, 2013

ANNOUNCING: Courtney Summers Read-Along

Hello you fantastic people you!

Today I'm finally getting to announce something really exciting. Something I've been considering, brain storming, etc. for a long while now. As many of you know, one of my favorite authors is Courtney Summers. I have loved every book she's published, and believe she is one of the most talent writers in YA. I noticed recently that a lot of people either haven't read any books by her OR have only read one or two! That inspired me to get the word out about all her other amazing books and what better way to do that than to have a read along!

Starting SEPTEMBER 1ST and running through the end of DECEMBER, Lost at Midnight Reviews will be hosting a read-along for all four of Courtney Summers' novels! You do not have to be a blogger or have a blog to participate, but it would be awesome if you would post somewhere about the books during the challenge. I want to get more recognition for these awesome books and word of mouth/social media is a great way to do just that. Throughout the read-along here will be reviews, discussions, and other awesome posts as well as a giveaway at the end! You can participate in one month or all four months and read at your own pace. There's no pressure here, just great book talk with great people! 

Important Dates!
Month One (September): CRACKED UP TO BE (Guest hosted by ma bestie Crimson)
Month Two (October): SOME GIRLS ARE
Month Three (November): FALL FOR ANYTHING
Month Four (December): THIS IS NOT A TEST 

Want to participate? Just add a link to your twitter/blog/Goodreads/other social media site below! And after you do that, make sure to enter the contest below! I'm giving away a pre-order of WHAT GOES AROUND the bind-up of Courtney Summers two novels CRACKED UP TO BE and SOME GIRLS ARE releasing on September 3rd!

EXTRAS (aka me asking for YOUR HELP)!

That's right readers, I'm looking for your help with this. Do you love Courtney Summers' books? Never read them before? Well, why not be a guest review/poster! I'm looking for people who are both longtime fans, newbies, and anything in between to talk about what you love about the books or what got you interested in the first place. I'm also looking for people to write dicussion posts about the topics, issues, writing, or really anything that relates to the books.

Please email me at if you are interested/if you have any ideas you would like to write about and I will send you all the details. (And virtual hugs because seriously, this read-along will not be as awesome if you guys aren't a part of it)

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I really hope you guys participate!

Giveaway Rules:
- Void where prohibited
- Must be 13 or older
- Giveaway is INTERNATIONAL (where the Book Depository ships)
- Lost at Midnight Reviews is not responsible for lost or damaged items (sorry!)

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- Ciara (Lost at Midnight)


  1. I really liked her This is Not a Test book, and Some Girls are was pretty good, but I still need to read the other two you listed, so good thing I joined in on this!

  2. I've read all four of them, This is Not a Test is amazing. Cracked Up To Be would be my second pick, but I'm so excited to read All the Rage!

  3. I've only read This Is Not A Test and really loved it. I am most excited to read Fall For Anything (the copy that I had signed when we were at the YA Apocalypse event in Belleville!). :) Thanks for hosting this... it will finally get my butt in great to read the rest of Courtney's books!

  4. I've only read This is Not a Test and I absolutely loved it, I always had been meaning to pick the rest of her books afterwards but just didn't get around to it. This will now be the perfect opportunity to do so! :)

  5. I've only read This is Not a Test but thought it was fantastic. That mixed with the fact that she's Canadian makes me want to read all of her books but I just haven't gotten around to it. This would be the perfect opportunity to read at least one more of her books! I think I'm most looking forward to Fall For Anything.

  6. Ahhhh, this is so amazing. Courtney Summers is my YA author idol. I haven't been able to read Some Girls Are or Fall for Anything, though, so this is perfect! What an incredible idea.

  7. I've only read This is Not A Test and I was planing on reading others, hell I've even got them but haven't read them. This is a perfect opportunity for doing that! :)
    Thank you! :)

  8. I haven't read any of her books but I heard Cracked Up to Be and This is Not A Test are great! This is such a great idea!

  9. What a great idea! I'll be joining you in October and November since I've already read Cracked Up to Be and This is Not A Test. Can't wait!

  10. I am looking forward to reading Cracked up to be> So excited

  11. Thanks for the giveaway! Love Courtney! Read all of her books except This is Not a Test. Want!!!

  12. All of her books are amazing so thank you so much for the giveaway!


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