Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Waiting On Wednesday (13): Nevermore by James Patterson

Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine, in which bloggers talk about the books they are most eager for!

Publisher: Little Brown and Company
Release Date: August 6th, 2012

One last chance...
For Max, Fang, Angel, Iggy, Nudge, and Gazzy.
Before it all ends.

Are you ready for the final chapter? Are you ready for the ultimate flight? Because THIS IS IT. One last incredible, explosive adventure with an astonishing ending that no one could have seen coming. (Summary from Goodreads)

Oh, Maximum Ride. You happen to be one of my heroes.

This is one of those series that has captivated me from page one. Thrilling, heart-pounding, and happy-making, every book has made me love the series more and more. There is never a dull moment in these books, and it never takes me more than a day to read them. I just can't put them down! The characters are fantastic, the plot line is original and engaging, and the books are filled with so much heart it constantly makes me smile. I'm going to be sad to see this one end, and will miss Fang and Max like crazy! But, I don't doubt I will love every single second of Nevermore.

I just recently finished Angel the seventh Maximum Ride novel and man did it end on a cliffhanger! I was lucky and purchased the deluxe limited edition which included extras like bookmarks, a poster (currently hanging on my wall), the first few chapters of Nevermore and the top ten questions that will be answered in Nevermore. The questions literally made my jaw drop and now I am desperate to read it! I can't wait to finally find out the truth!

If you love action, admirable heroes, and mutant bird kids, pick up the Maximum Ride series. You'll be glad you did!

- Ciara who is lost at midnight   


  1. So... I've never read a novel by James Patterson, but that cover sure caught my eye when I was scrolling down my Blogger Dashboard! :)

    1. It is a fantastic cover! My favorite of the series by far. I definitely recommend you read them, Liz! They're really quick, packed high with action, and has very awesome characters (especially Fang.... :D)!


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