Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday (8): Top Ten Books On My Fall TBR

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So, today is the first full day of fall. *cue all the weepy tears* *counts down the days until summer returns*

I'm not a fan of Fall. In fact, I'm not really a fan of any season except for summer. You have to understand; being constantly cold and only able to feel truly warm when the sun is BLASTING on me makes fall/spring and ESPECIALLY winter unbearable. I don't like the cold, and fall is the first indicator that things are going to get FREEZING. 

So. Fall and I aren't on the best of terms.

There are somethings I love about fall, though. The beautiful changing leaves, Halloween, getting to wear fall boots and, of course, FALL BOOKS! Here are my top ten books on my fall TBR!

ARCS - Old and New 

- I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book (I nearly had a meltdown when I got it!) but it's big size has intimidated me! I am a massive Scott Westerfeld fan so I know it'll be great, but making time to read it is going to be difficult!
- NEW. SHOPAHOLIC. It's a shock I've managed to resist reading it this long, but it's next up on the list and I can't wait!

- It's RIDICULOUS that I STILL haven't read this book. *hangs head in shame*

Need To Get These Read

- I told my friend Katie I hadn't read this yet AND Y'ALL. YOU SHOULD'VE SEE HER FACE. (It was thoroughly Unimpressed). I'm unimpressed. I mean, this was one of my most anticipated reads this year! I'm going to fix it STAT.

- Another book I can't believe I haven't read yet. I'm going to find a day soon to just sit down and blast through it.

- Cause Percy Jackson, yo.

- I know a few people who might see this book on my list and FLIP. Because the Soul Screamers series is one of my favourites and this book has been out for over a year. I just can't bear to see it all end. But, I will. Because I need some Tod in my life. 

New Books!

- I don't normally read memoirs but I am ridiculously excited to read this one!

- I can't believe we're finally going to see how it all ends!


What books are on your fall TBR?

- Ciara (Lost at Midnight)

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  1. Blue Lily, Lily Blue!! I am counting down the days. (Also I bought Rebel Belle the week it came out and still haven't read it so don't feel bad!)


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